Bethenny Frankel Says She and Fiancé Paul Bernon Have No Plans to Wed Yet: ‘I Don’t Want to Plan

Paul Bernon and Bethenny Frankel

Paul Bernon and Bethenny Frankel

Paul Bernon and Bethenny Frankel.
사진: 프레슬리 앤/게티

베서니 프랭클 isn’t walking down the aisle anytime soon.

NS 뉴욕시의 진짜 주부들 alum has been engaged to fiancé Paul Bernon for quite some time now. But Frankel, 52, revealed she’s not looking to rush a wedding — and she still doesn’t have a wedding date in sight.

I don’t know when we’ll get married,” 그녀가 말했다 앤디 코헨 ~에 무슨 일이 일어 났는지 라이브 시청 수요일. “I’m happily in a partnership and I love him so much but I don’t want to plan a wedding.

<a href="" 데이터 인링크="진실">베서니 프랭클</NS> and Paul Bernon

<a href="" 데이터 인링크="진실">베서니 프랭클</NS> and Paul Bernon

베서니 프랭클/ 인스 타 그램

Frankel shared a similar sentiment while speaking to 오늘 밤 엔터테인먼트 3월에. “We are happy with where we are. We’re honestly just so happy that we’re being in the moment. 내 말은, 알 잖아, I’m not a spring chicken, 그래서 it’s not like we’re rushing,” 그녀가 말했다.

추가적으로, the businesswoman shared that she wouldn’t host an extravagant affair andwould definitely, definitely do small.

Frankel and Bernon met on a dating app ~에 2018. They got engaged in March 2021.

In a November episode of the 사람들은 매일 팟캐스트, Frankel shared some insight into the twosome’s relationship.

Paul is amazing. He’s a good partner. He’s a good friend. He’s a good dad,” 그녀는 공유. “So everything’s good. Everything is really good.

Of her life as a whole, Frankel said she’shappy and balanced and sleeping well and healthy and making good healthy choices in my life personally and professionally.