Avatar: The Way of Water Final Trailer Shows Off Pandora’s Oceans and Teases a New Conflict

James Cameron is teasing new landscapes on Pandora and a new conflict in the final trailer for Avatar: La via dell'acqua.

Martedì, 20th Century Studios released the final trailer for Avatar: La via dell'acqua, which hits theaters over a decade after the director’s 2009 film Avatar.

Il tanto atteso sequel incontra i personaggi principali del film originale, Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) e Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) come genitori per una nuova avventura.

The sequel’scinematic experience reaches new heightsas 68-year-old writer-director Camerontransports audiences back to the magnificent world of Pandora in a spectacular and stirring action-packed adventure,” reads an official description for the movie.

Il sequel - il primo di altri quattro episodi pianificati nel franchise di fantascienza - segue la famiglia di Jake e Neytiri e “il guaio che li segue, le lunghezze che fanno per tenersi al sicuro l'un l'altro, le battaglie che combattono per sopravvivere, e le tragedie che sopportano,” according to an official logline.

Avatar 2‘s final trailer shows Jake Sully, Neytiri and their family arriving to meet with Tonowari (Cliff Curtis) and a new tribe of Na’vi who live in coastal areas around Pandora’s oceans.

Avatar: The Way of Water Final Trailer Teases Return to Pandora

Avatar: The Way of Water Final Trailer Teases Return to Pandora

Walt Disney Studios

The trailers shows Tonowari as he and his his clan take Jake and his family in, teaching them their ways as the Na’vi across Pandora face a new threat from humanity, who promised to return at the end of 2009’s original Avatar.

Though humans appear to return to Pandora ready to burn the entire planet to the ground, it appears Jake and his Na’vi allies have more surprises in store for their enemies and audiences alike as Jake and Neytiri’s children, including Kiri (Sigourney Weaver), learn to ride ocean-dwelling creatures just as Jake learned to ride Pandora’s apex predators in the sky in the first movie.

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Avatar: La via dell'acqua also stars Stephen Lang and a new addition to the franchise in Kate Winslet come il personaggio Na'vi Ronal. Cliff Curtis, Joel David Moore, CCH Pounder, Michelle Yeoh e Edi Falco unisciti anche tu al cast, secondo il sito ufficiale del film.

Avatar: The Way of Water Final Trailer Teases Return to Pandora

Avatar: The Way of Water Final Trailer Teases Return to Pandora

Walt Disney Studios

In un'intervista a Film totale published Nov. 7, director Cameron said how well the second film, Avatar: La via dell'acqua, performs when it hits theaters next month will dictate whether the series goes beyond the already-in-the-works third entry.

The market could be telling us we’re done in three months,” Cameron said. “Or we might be semi-done, significato: 'Va bene, let’s complete the story within movie three and not go on endlessly,’ if it’s just not profitable.

We’re in a different world now than we were when I wrote this stuff, anche,” Ha aggiunto. “It’s the one-two punch, the pandemic and streaming. o, conversely, maybe we’ll remind people what going to the theater is all about.

Avatar: La via dell'acqua è nelle sale a dicembre. 16.