Andrew Cuomo Will Not Face Charges After Being Accused of Unwanted Kissing by 2 女性

Andrew Cuomo Will Not Face Charges After Being Accused of Unwanted Kissing by 2 女性

前纽约州州长. 安德鲁·库莫 will not face charges related to allegations of unwanted kissing by two women.

Westchester County District Attorney Mimi Rocah said Tuesday that her office had foundcredible evidencethat the alleged conduct against the women — one of whom was a state trooper assigned to his detail — did occur. 然而, charges could not be pursued.

In both instances, my Office has determined that, although the allegations and witnesses were credible, and the conduct concerning, we cannot pursue criminal charges due to the statutory requirements of the criminal laws of New York,” Rocah 在一份声明中写道.

According to the district attorney’s statement, Cuomo — who allegedly kissed both women on the cheek — is accused of asking a state trooper formerly assigned to his detailif he could kiss herwhile at his home in Mount Kisco.

“[The trooper] further indicated that she was concerned about the ramifications of denying the Governor’s request and so she said ‘sure,’ ” 声明说. “The Governor then kissed her on the cheek.

The second allegation was made by a woman who told investigators that Cuomograbbed her arm, pulled her toward him and kissed her on the cheek without seeking permission for such a greeting while the two were at an event at White Plains High School,” according to Rocah.

Cuomo’s attorney did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo

Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo
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The same state trooper also accused Cuomo of unwanted touching at an event at Belmont Park in September 2019. 上个星期, Acting Nassau County District Attorney Joyce Smith said that an investigation had found the allegations to becredible, deeply troubling but not criminal under New York law,” 根据 美联社.

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The alleged encounters with the state trooper were detailed in the August report from New York Attorney General Letitia James that found Cuomosexually harassed multiple women.

詹姆斯’ investigation determined Cuomo engaged in “不想要的摸索, 吻, 拥抱, 并发表不当评论” 与现任和前任纽约州雇员. 她补充说,这些行动 “为女性创造了充满敌意的工作环境。”

在十月, Cuomo was charged with forcible touching, a misdemeanor sex crime, in Albany, 纽约. According to a misdemeanor complaint obtained by PEOPLE, Cuomo allegedly “做过 … forcibly place his hand under the blouse shirt of the victimand onto her breast.

Cuomo has denied allegations that he acted inappropriately, despite the accounts of 11 women corroborated by the report. He has said henever inappropriately touched anybodybut apologized for what he insisted was inadvertent behavior.

stepped down as governor of New York in August, shortly after Jamesreport was published.

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