Aly & AJ’s Dad Is Hospitalized for COVID and Pneumonia: ‘Check In on Your Loved Ones

Aly & AJ's Dad Is Hospitalized for COVID and Pneumonia: 'Check In on Your Loved Ones'

Aly and AJ‘s father is in the hospital.

在星期三, the sister duo shared that their father had tested positive for COVID and was now hospitalized for pneumonia after he left the sisters a voicemail thatalarmed” 他们.

Reminder to check in on your loved ones this holiday season. Our Dad wasn’t feeling well & we became alarmed after hearing a voicemail from him,” the duo tweeted. “Immediately dropped everything & drove to his house.

他们补充说, “Long story short he has Covid & Pneumonia. He’s being treated at a hospital now…

在后续推文中, the sisters added that it becomes a child’sturnto take care of their parents when they get older.

It’s hard to come to terms with, but as we get older it’s our turn to take care of our parents when they won’t/can’t take care of themselves,” 他们写. “A lot of times they want to hide their suffering from us because they think it’s a burden, when really it’s our duty to step in.

这 “Slow Dancingsingers then tweeted a photo of a candle and dedicated to their father.

六月, the sisters celebrated Father’s Day by cheers-ing with their dad and Aperol spritz.

Love you DAD! Happy Fathers Day to everyone & anyone who’s a Father figure to us kids,” they tweeted.

回到五月, the singers 与人们交谈 about how their family bond informed their music and helped them as child stars.

We just get each other,” AJ, 30, said of older sister Aly, 32. “There’s a finishing-each-other’s-sentences that we have in our music as well. This dynamic is really special.

We have a really authentic friendship, and it’s cool doing something with your sister who you’ve grown up with, who’s your best friend, and you’re working together in a professional setting,” AJ added. “We’ve been doing this for years. We are fully in sync as singers and harmonizers. It makes life easier, being in a band with Aly. I couldn’t imagine doing this alone.

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The sisters first signed to Disney’s Hollywood Records in 2004 and rose to fame as they released a string of Hot 100 hits — includingPotential Breakup Song— and starred in the teen rom-com Cow Belles.

Most child actors don’t have a sibling also experiencing the same success at the same time,” Aly said at the time. “That gave us a lot of normalcy.

A lot of people probably looked at us and thought we were crazy, but we said no to a lot of things. I’m sure that affected our trajectory as artists, but I think at the end of the day, we were able to experience success, but also not an overwhelming amount where we couldn’t be humans,” 她补充说. “We just got really lucky. We had each other.