AJ McLean, 추수 감사절 사진에서 아내 Rochelle 및 딸과 함께 가족 스타일 과시: '고맙다’

역시 맥클린

역시 맥클린

AJ 맥린.
사진: 그렉 도허티/게티 이미지

AJ 맥린 is a dapper family man.

NS 백스트리트 보이즈 별, 44, put on a chic display with his wife Rochelle Deanna 그리고 딸들 Elliott Jaymes, 9, and 5-year-old Lyric Dean in a family photo posted by the proud wife and mother on 추수감사절.

He donned a khaki blazer with a white dress shirt, grey plaid slacks and a green fedora as Rochelle, 41, looked stunning in a black top. Their daughters matched in black dresses of their own, which Elliott styled with a gray cardigan.

감사합니다,” wrote Rochelle, to whom AJ has been married since 2011.

AJ recently spoke to PEOPLE about his daughter Elliott’s decision to change her name from Ava, which Rochelle previously explained wasnot a gender thing.”

When my daughter asked to change her name to Elliott, 처음에, I didn’t know if it was a transgender thing, which it is not, but it is a personal choice,” 그는 9월에 말했다. “And it is her body, it’s her name, it’s her everything. And she’s still Ava. She’ll always be Ava to me.

“하지만 동시에, whatever reasoning it is, that’s hers, and I’m going to support it a million percent, my wife will [~도],” McLean added.

NS RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race 별 설명: “Whatever journey both my girls have, I will be in their corner a million percent, my wife will be in their corner and support them, whatever their path is and whatever their journey is. That’s just the family that we are.

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AJ previously told PEOPLE he’scompletely outnumberedby his fellow Backstreet Boys as the only one with daughters, adding in 2018: “There’s nothing like a relationship between a daughter and a father. They both have me wrapped around their finger.