After Postponing Their Wedding Due to Hurricane Ian, Jay Allen and Kylie Morgan Are Finally Married

Jay Allen Kylie Morgan wedding

Jay Allen Kylie Morgan wedding

Kylie Morgan and Jay Allen.
照片: Hunter Berry Photography

凯莉摩根杰·艾伦 are married — finally.

After having to postpone their October wedding due to Hurricane Ian, the country singer-songwriters tied the knot on Sunday, 十一月. 27 in front of a group of 85 close family and friends at La Casa Toscana in Fort Myers, 佛罗里达.

With our busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, there was honestly never an ideal moment to say, '我愿意,'” explains Morgan, 27, of her wedding to 36-year-old Allen during an exclusive interview with PEOPLE. “I took one week off the [Tyler Rich] tour to travel to Southwest Florida to get married and a few days later, I have to be right back in Seattle.

Nevertheless, it was certainly worth the wait for this couple, who first met over seven years ago at a songwriter’s mixer in Nashville.

I was the girl who swore she would never get married because I was already married to my dreams,” says Morgan, whose wedding was lovingly captured by Hunter Berry Photography. “Being an independent woman pursuing her dreams, I always felt as if I had to apologize or dim my ambition for the sake of my relationships. With Jay, I never had to explain myself, apologize, or pull back from my goals. He supported my independence all while standing next to me as my biggest supporter.

Morgan and Allen’s love story was beautifully symbolized via an upside-down triangle which became a consistent feature throughout the design of the wedding and reception, as it is nearly an equal 700 miles between Morgan’s hometown in Oklahoma, Allen’s hometown in Iowa, and the couple’s beloved home in Nashville, 田纳西州.

It was important to us that our wedding felt unique and non-traditional and accurately represented who we are, not only as individuals, but also what we embody as a couple,” explains Morgan, whose dream wedding was brought to life by Felicia Gostisbehere of Avec Moi Event Planning and Design.

While the two have long found themselves in the spotlight while chasing their music dreams, Allen and Morgan did know that they wanted to enjoy one special moment together before their wedding.

Our lives and relationship are extremely public, so it was very special to share such an intimate moment between the two of us,” Morgan said of her and Allen’s first look, in which Allen met his bride wearing a tux provided by The Black Tux. “It will be something we remember for the rest of our lives.

Wearing a ceremony dress designed by Maison Signore that Morgan fell in love with while filming a future episode of TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress, 这 “If He Wanted To, He Wouldsinger walked down the aisle holding a bouquet designed by Kaleidoscope Floral in which she tied a photograph of her grandmother given to her by her older sister via a blue ribbon.

Jay Allen Kylie Morgan wedding

Jay Allen Kylie Morgan wedding

Hunter Berry Photography

After reciting their self-written vows to one another in front of good friend and officiant Tom Torgerson, Allen and Morgan exchanged personalized wedding bands by Marrow Fine, with Morgan’s ring engraved with the word “总是” and Allen’s ring engraved with the wordsTil Death.

During cocktail hour, guests were invited to experience a tequila tasting and signature margaritas provided by El Bandido Tequila. Guests also enjoyed signature drinks titledThe Mermaid” 和 “The Stallionmade with Kvell Vodka Dough Ball Whiskey along with a stunning array of culinary creations provided by Graze Craze.

After changing into herdream reception dress” 从 David’s Bridal, Morgan joined Allen and their guests for dinner which included a delicious meat paella crafted by Artichoke & 公司. before indulging in cake and sweets provided by Sweets by Cindy.

We envisioned an edgy evening filled with non-stop celebration where we just happened to say, '我愿意’ in front of our closest family and friends,” says Morgan of her wedding to Allen, who made major waves recently while competing on 声音.

当然, that ‘edgecame through in a variety of ways during the celebration, including the chance for guests to get small tattoos right there onsite by Tattoos by Lo‘s Laure Klose. 这并不奇怪, Morgan and Allen also got matching tattoos after saying ‘I Do.

Music played an important part in the couple’s special day. Morgan and Allen danced their first dance to a song they cowrote along with Kylie’s bridesmaid and pop singer/songwriter Sam DeRosa, who performed the song live. 不久之后, Morgan danced with her dad to a song she wrote calledGood Handswhich represents the three men in her life — her father, her new husband, and God, her heavenly father. The two also performed songs that they had written for one another during the wedding.

Jay Allen Kylie Morgan wedding

Jay Allen Kylie Morgan wedding

Kylie Morgan and Jay Allen.
Hunter Berry Photography

Morgan also told PEOPLE about her upcoming name change — and how Allen will be making a tweak to his own, 还有.

I am honestly really excited to take the name Allen. We’ve been together so long, it feels like we’ve been married for years, but the name change will truly make it real for me,” 她解释说. “What a lot of people don’t know is I gave Jay one condition if we were going to get married — I said, ‘I take your name if you take mine.Equality baby!”

她继续, “My middle name is actually Morgan and Jay’s is Allen. 所以我说, '好, I want to take the name people know you as. How about you change your last name to Allen?’ 他说, '好, then I won’t have a middle name.I replied with, ‘If you change your name to Jay Morgan Allen, I will change mine and be Kylie Morgan Allen.How I knew I was making the right decision? He did it without hesitation. Now we get to start our own legacy together as Jay Morgan Allen & Kylie Morgan Allen.

And while their busy schedules won’t allow for the two to embark on a honeymoon right now, the two say they look forward to taking a trip to Belize over the New Year, and then heading to Bali in early 2023.

Missing one another and being separated only makes our time together even more cherished,” concludes Morgan. “I truly believe we are just as strong apart as we are together.